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Business aviation services in Cyprus

Private Jets and Helicopters offers aircraft rental to people who value their time and prefer flights with the highest level of comfort. We organize urgent departures by private aircraft to Europe, CIS countries and Russia from Larnaca and Paphos airports. Our priorities are impeccable quality of business aviation services, passenger safety and focus on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


business aviation in cyprus


Organization of flights on business jets

Business aviation centers are located on the territory of existing airports, but the approach to service provision in companies of private air carriers is fundamentally different. Business aviation clients are served separately from other passengers, and the organization of flights is also different.

Flights are individually scheduled, and on board and in lounges there are facilities for both relaxation and solution of business tasks. VIP terminals are equipped with negotiation rooms and conference rooms, cafes and restaurants with luxurious service, stylish and comfortable furniture in lounge areas, computers and modern equipment.

Check-in, passport control and customs clearance are conducted in separate areas, with no queues and in the shortest possible time. Privacy, security, and comfort are provided at all stages of a fair flight. Round-the-clock security service is provided on the territory of the centers, and courteous and friendly service personnel, ready to provide individual conditions of stay for each client, are employed.

Elite business jets are special aircraft which differ from ordinary airplanes by their exterior parameters and the cabin equipment. Business jets have laconic and stylish interiors decorated with expensive materials such as wood, leather and exclusive designer fabrics. Specialized ateliers are engaged in decorating of elite level jets - apart from trimming, numerous engineering solutions, improving comfort and convenience of passengers are provided here.


private business jets in Cyprus


Conveniences and benefits of private jets

Renting a business jet for private flights is a more profitable and expedient solution than buying your own aircraft. Maintenance and care of the rented aircraft is undertaken by a professional company, which is responsible not only for safety and functionality of the transport, but also for the highest level of comfort for customers. Activities of private companies are carried out according to a well-established scheme, in which the passenger sees only the final result - the services of the elite class at all stages of the flight.


Among the main advantages of private airlines for business:

  • Responsiveness - Private Jets and Helicopters operates on a 24/7 basis. Plane will take off in maximum 4 hours from the moment of charter order - immediately after client's confirmation of the fact of lease.
  • Individual schedule - we will find the best options for the most complex situations. We organize departure according to a convenient schedule on any day.
  • Time saving - our clients don't have to worry about timely purchase of tickets, wait for check-in and luggage. Passengers of private airlines pass these procedures without queues and in comfortable conditions.
  • Complete solutions - in addition to flights proper we arrange VIP transfer, accommodation and other services.
  • Absolute privacy - 100% protection of personal data and commercial information.
  • Safety - all pilots and captains of aircraft are highly qualified and trained to fly in difficult weather conditions. Every aircraft undergoes thorough checks before take-off, to ensure that all components are in perfect working order and ready to fly.
  • Private aircraft cabins are equipped for both leisure and business meetings. There are showers and bathrooms on board, as well as full-fledged offices for work during the flights.
  • VIP-catering: the catering on board is organized on the highest level. The menu is prepared taking into account personal preferences of a client and includes dishes of any national cuisine of the world.
  • Quality communication during the flight. Satellite mobile communication, Wi-Fi, computer and other equipment constantly work in the cabin.


Our company owns a wide choice of business jets for private flights to all European countries, Russia and neighboring countries. We are ready to provide individual programs of services for our clients and make the air travel extremely pleasant and relaxing.



How to rent a private jet

5 important steps

  • Submit your flight booking

  • We will check and agree with you all the nuances

  • Preparation of documents and final price

  • Signing a formal contract and payment.

  • Departure of passengers by business jet.




We will make an urgent calculation of the price for your flight



The cost of business jet flights

Many clients want specificity as regards the cost of an hour of flight on a certain business jet. Unfortunately, the information posted on most websites is of a marketing nature and shows very approximate prices, because actually, the price depends on many factors mentioned above. But for the overall understanding, we have divided the models into classes and prepared their approximate prices. Below you can find the pricing of the private jet rental (per one flying hour), based on the aircraft class:

  • Business jets (with a capacity of over 18 passengers)- from 12 000 EUR per flight hour;
  • Large private jets (with a capacity of over 13 passengers)- from 5700 EUR per flight hour;
  • Upper-middle class business jets (with a capacity of over 9 passengers)- from 5400 EUR per flight hour;
  • Long-haul business jets (with a capacity of 12 to 16 passengers)- from 6800 EUR per flight hour;
  • Medium-haul models (with a capacity of 5 to 9 passengers)- from 3600 EUR per flight hour;
  • Light jets (with a capacity of 4 to 6 passengers)- from 2500 EUR per flight hour;
  • Turboprops (with a capacity of over 4 passengers)- from 1000 EUR per flight hour;
  • Small private jets (with a capacity of 2 to 6 passengers)- from 2000 EUR per flight hour.


online calculator for calculating the cost of a private jet flight


To show you the dependence of the price on the aircraft type, we have prepared an illustrative example of one destination:


  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Citation Bravo aircraft, 8 seats - 18 000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Challenger 605 aircraft, 12 seats - 19,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), aircraft Citation CJ2, 7 seats - 21 600 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), King Air 350, 10 seats - 22 600 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Pilatus PC-12 / 47E (NG) aircraft, 8 seats - 23,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Learjet 35A, 6 seats - 23 000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Challenger 850 aircraft, 15 seats - 25,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Premier I aircraft, 6 seats - 27,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Learjet 60XR, 8 seats - 30,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Falcon 2000S aircraft, 10 seats - 35,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Legacy 600 aircraft, 13 seats - 36,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Gulfstream G-200 aircraft, 10 seats - 37,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Global Express aircraft, 14 seats - 41,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), aircraft Global 6000, 14 seats - 42,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Embraer Lineage 1000 aircraft, 19 seats - 42,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Piaggio Avanti II aircraft, 6 seats - 51,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Falcon 7X aircraft, 14 seats - 54,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Airbus 318 Elite, 19 seats - 117,000 EUR;
  • Larnaca - Moscow (LCA - VKO), Boeing 757-200 VIP aircraft, 50 seats - 128,000 EUR;


private jet flight from Cyprus to Russia


The cost of flights to Russia

Since the RF is the most popular flight destination, our company offers you the approximate prices for the flights to the major cities of Russia:


  • from Cyprus to Moscow - 18 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to St. Petersburg - 23 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Yekaterinburg - 29 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Sochi - 14 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Kaliningrad - 18 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Krasnodar - 15 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Kazan - 23 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Tyumen - 32 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Chelyabinsk - 30 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Krasnoyarsk - 44 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Vladivostok - 91 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Novosibirsk - 39 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Volgograd - 17 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Nizhny Novgorod - 19 000 EUR;


business jet flight in the CIS


The cost of business jet flights to the CIS countries

As well as the prices for the TOP-11 destinations in the CIS countries:


  • from Cyprus to Ukraine (Kiev) - 14 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Belarus (Minsk) - 16 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Kazakhstan (Almaty) - 38 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan) - 34 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Uzbekistan (Tashkent) - 33 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Mongolia (Ulan Bator) - 54 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) - 36 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Tajikistan (Dushanbe) - 34 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Georgia (Tbilisi) - 15 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Armenia (Yerevan) - 14 000 EUR;
  • from Cyprus to Azerbaijan (Baku) - 16 000 EUR;


The cost of flights to Europe, Asia and the US

These destinations are also very popular among the residents and visitors of Cyprus. We have prepared for you a wide list of popular countries with the largest number of flights. But that’s just a small part of actual routes. For more information, contact our aviation consultants.

Flight cost calculator

Number of passengers
Departure date
Return date
Your name
Phone number


Popular destinations

Larnaca ➞  Vilnius

8 pax

Citation Bravo

15 000 EUR

Paphos ➞  Nice

12 pax

Challenger 605

19 000 EUR

Paphos ➞  Paris

9 pax

Citation XLS

22 000 EUR

Paphos ➞  Moscow

15 pax

Challenger 850

25 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Munich

9 pax

Citation CJ4

22 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Madrid

8 pax

Learjet 60XR

31 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ New York

17 pax

Gulfstream G-V

122 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Berlin

5 pax

Piper M600

18 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Salzburg

8 pax

Pilatus PC-12/47E

22 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ London

8 pax

Hawker 900XP

32 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Milan

8 pax

Citation Encore+

22 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞  Warsaw

6 pax

Premier IA

22 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Киев Kiev

7 pax

King Air B200GT

23 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Yerevan

10 pax

Legacy 500

24 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Brussels

9 pax

Phenom 300

28 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Minsk

8 pax

Pilatus PC-12/47E

17 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Zagreb

13 pax

Legacy 650

27 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Beijing

19 pax

Gulfstream G-550

98 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Baku

8 pax

Citation X

25 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Toronto

10 pax

Falcon 2000LX

130 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Dominican Republic

16 pax

Falcon 7X

140 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Athens

9 pax

Challenger 350

14 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Tbilisi

9 pax

Hawker 800XP

22 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Almaty

12 pax

Challenger 605

38 000 EUR

St. Petersburg ➞ Paphos

8 pax

Citation CJ2+

27 000 EUR

Prague ➞ Larnaca

10 pax

Falcon 2000

36 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞  Copenhagen

19 pax

Fairchild Metro 23

31 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Amsterdam

7 pax

Learjet 60

31 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Monaco

13 pax

Legacy 650

29 000 EUR

Dubai ➞ Larnaca

14 pax

Global 6000

39 000 EUR

Larnaca ➞ Phuket

13 pax

Global Express XRS

137 000 EUR

Paphos ➞ Tashkent

7 pax

Citation CJ3+

42 000 EUR


We should note 57 most popular destinations in 2022 and the cost of flights to these countries:


  1. from Cyprus to Malta - 16 000 EUR;
  2. from Cyprus to Belize - 110 000 EUR;
  3. from Cyprus to Fiji - 83 000 EUR;
  4. from Cyprus to Barbados - 97 000 EUR;
  5. from Cyprus to the USA (Las Vegas) - 115 000 EUR;
  6. from Cyprus to Anguilla - 93 000 EUR;
  7. from Cyprus to Hawaii -115 000 EUR;
  8. from Cyprus to the Virgin Islands - 103 000 EUR;
  9. from Cyprus to Thailand (Koh Samui) - 82 000 EUR;
  10. from Cyprus to the Caribbean Islands (Saint-Martin) - 27 000 EUR;
  11. from Cyprus to Spain (Mallorca) - 31 000 EUR;
  12. from Cyprus to Spain (Malaga) - 29 000 EUR;
  13. from Cyprus to Spain (Ibiza) - 22 000 EUR;
  14. from Cyprus to Spain (Barcelona) - 23 000 EUR;
  15. from Cyprus to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) - 22 000 EUR;
  16. from Cyprus to the UAE (Dubai) - 21 000 EUR;
  17. from Cyprus to Qatar (Doha) - 19 000 EUR;
  18. from Cyprus to France (Grenoble) - 19 000 EUR;
  19. from Cyprus to France (Chambery) - 19 500 EUR;
  20. from Cyprus to France (Nice) - 19 000 EUR;
  21. from Cyprus to France (Paris) - 21 500 EUR;
  22. from Cyprus to Switzerland (Geneva) - 17 000 EUR;
  23. from Cyprus to the USA (Miami) - 111 000 EUR;
  24. from Cyprus to Italy (Olbia) - 16 000 EUR;
  25. from Cyprus to Japan (Tokyo) - 101 000 EUR;
  26. from Cyprus to Italy (Rome) - 15 000 EUR;
  27. from Cyprus to Italy (Milan) - 16 000 EUR;
  28. from Cyprus to Great Britain (London) - 24 500 EUR;
  29. from Cyprus to China (Macau) - 79 000 EUR;
  30. from Cyprus to the USA (New York) - 110 000 EUR;
  31. from Cyprus to the USA (Los Angeles) - 142 000 EUR;
  32. from Cyprus to Germany (Berlin) - 16 000 EUR;
  33. from Cyprus to Thailand (Pattaya) - 63 000 EUR;
  34. from Cyprus to Thailand (Bangkok) - 70 000 EUR;
  35. from Cyprus to Monte Carlo (Monaco) - 19 000 EUR;
  36. from Cyprus to Maldives (Maldives) - 58 000 EUR;
  37. from Cyprus to Seychelles (Seychelles) - 60 000 EUR;
  38. from Cyprus to the Bahamas (Bahamas) - 90 000 EUR;
  39. from Cyprus to Bali (Denpasar) - 85 000 EUR;
  40. from Cyprus to Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) - 95 000 EUR;
  41. from Cyprus to Cuba (Havana) - 103 000 EUR;
  42. from Cyprus to Greece (Athens) - 9 000 EUR;
  43. from Cyprus to Hungary (Budapest) - 13 000 EUR;
  44. from Cyprus to Hong Kong from 71 000 EUR;
  45. from Cyprus to India (New Delhi) - 40 000 EUR;
  46. from Cyprus to India (GOA) - 42 000 EUR;
  47. from Cyprus to Ireland (Dublin) - 29 000 EUR;
  48. from Cyprus to South Africa (Johannesburg) - 98 000 EUR;
  49. from Cyprus to Sri Lanka (Colombo) - 50 000 EUR;
  50. from Cyprus to Mazalia (Kuala Lumpur) - 74 000 EUR;
  51. from Cyprus to Germany (Munich) - 16 000 EUR;
  52. from Cyprus to Czech Republic (Prague) - 17 000 EUR;
  53. from Cyprus to Latvia (Riga) - 18 000 EUR;
  54. from Cyprus to Singapore - 85 000 EUR;
  55. from Cyprus to Turkey (Istanbul) - 10 000 EUR;
  56. from Cyprus to Israel (Tel Aviv) - 10 000 EUR;
  57. from Cyprus to Canada (Toronto) - 109 000 EUR;


Our guarantee

All aspects of renting a business jet with the crew are usually negotiated individually. We guarantee the flight departure at the appointed time subject to acceptable weather conditions. Our aircrafts are always serviceable and ready for travel. The optimal route is developed for each flight. Passengers are provided with the desired level of comfort and service.

We strictly observe the company’s business ethics, which means that every client can count on complete confidentiality of services, including all aspects of payment, and transparency of our work at all stages of cooperation. Customers constantly interact with a personal manager assigned for the period of organization and implementation of the flight. You can contact him 24/7.

Current realities oblige us to pay increased attention to the compliance with the sanitary regulations. Each rented aircraft undergoes mandatory antiseptic treatment in accordance with the recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 infection.


business jet flight guarantees


What business aviation services include

The VIP air transport sector is based on three unconditional principles:

  • Mobility.
  • Comfort.
  • Privacy.


Privileged service for passengers includes:

  • Premium equipment: comfort is ensured by refined interiors with rare materials, comfortable chairs, desks for work, offices, sleeping areas, Jacuzzi, etc.
  • Time management: minimization of procedures at the airport, planning of optimal routes, work and rest opportunities on board.
  • Access to communication: internet, telephone and other electronic equipment can be used during the flight.
  • Confidentiality: VIP charter flights by special order of the client.
  • Increased safety: a thorough technical check is mandatory before each launch.


official catalog of business jets of Cyprus


Ready-made solutions for private flights

The cost of renting a business jet depends on objective factors:

  1. type of aircraft - aircraft vary in speed, size and level of comfort on board;
  2. distances - the specifics of business are such that long-haul flights are not always much more expensive than short haul flights;
  3. number of passengers - we perform corporate flights and transportation of groups of individuals (from 1 to 5 people);
  4. additional services - all of them are detailed on our web-site and available for inclusion into the list according to the client's choice.


You can book a business jet on our company's website and by phone, indicated on the page. After registration of the order you will be called back by a personal manager to agree on the details and flight conditions. You will pay for the services in the most convenient way for you.


urgent flights from Cyprus on a business jet


Company partners


Over the years of work in business aviation, we have managed to establish partnership relations with the leading business aviation VIP terminals. Therefore we are ready to offer our clients the highest level of service and private flights:


Larnaca Airport:

  • Executive Business Lounge;
  • LCA Airport VIP Terminal;


Paphos Airport:

  • Premium Business Lounge.


Vnukovo Airport:

  • VIP-terminal "Cosmos" Vnukovo-3
  • CBA (Center of Business-Aviation) of Vnukovo-3 terminal,
  • General counter for intra-Russian flights of Vnukovo-1 terminal,
  • Common counter for international flights at Vnukovo-1 terminal,
  • Vnukovo-1 terminal business lounge,
  • VIP lounge of Vnukovo-1 terminal,
  • Vnukovo-1 terminal VIP lounge (Official Persons and Delegations lounge),

General counter for intra-Russian flights of Vnukovo-1 terminal Common counter for international flights at Vnukovo-1 terminal,


business aviation cyprus


Sheremetyevo airport:

  • General desk for domestic flights in Terminal B
  • VIP lounge of Terminal B
  • Terminal A VIP lounge
  • LukOil Terminal VIP Lounge
  • VIP-lounge of Premier business terminal


Domodedovo airport:

  • General stand for any flights in Domodedovo Passenger Terminal
  • VIP-lounge of Domodedovo Passenger Terminal
  • VIP-lounge of AVKOM-D terminal.


Ostafyevo Airport:

  • Online check-in at a comfortable airport terminal
  • Separate VIP departure lounge


This is just a small part of premium terminals, available to our clients. The list of partner companies is constantly growing, so you can order:

  1. exclusive on-board catering;
  2. Protection for the period of the flight and stay at the destination;
  3. vip transfer;
  4. helicopter flight business class;
  5. yacht or real estate lease;
  6. and much more.


For more information, please call the above-mentioned phone numbers.


private jet rental


Cyprus airports

To date, two international airports are actively used in Cyprus- Larnaca Airport and Paphos Airport. The first one is more comfortable in terms of business aviation, because it has special enhanced comfort cabins and a separate terminal.

The address: Larnaka International Airport, P.O. Box 43027 P.C. 6650, Larnaka, Cyprus.


Larnaca airport


You can also take a business jet from Paphos Airport, but it doesn’t have a separate terminal, so it may be less convenient. Therefore, over 80% of business jet flights are operated from Larnaca Airport.

The address: Pafos International Airport, P.O. Box 62320 P.C. 8063, Pafos, Cyprus.


Paphos airport


There are practically no direct flights to North Cyprus Ercan Airport because it is located in the state unrecognized by most of the world community. So, it is very difficult to find a business jet for such flight.


An up-to-date list of local airports and aerodromes:


Airport City ICAO IATA Operator
Larnaca International Airport Larnaca LCLK LCA Hermes Airports Ltd
 Paphos International Airport Paphos LCPH PFO Hermes Airports Ltd


private jet in Cyprus


About the company and our team

Our company has been providing business aviation services worldwide for over 12 years. Such considerable experience allows us to solve the most difficult tasks and arrange flights at the highest level. For example, we are proud of our experience in the organization of special flights for the top entrepreneurs from the Forbes list. Our aviation consultants are real experts in their field - they speak seven languages and can quickly arrange a flight to any part of the world. We work without weekends and holidays. Trusting our experts, you can be sure of the high quality of service and fast solution of the tasks assigned!

The priorities of our company are:

  • flexibility in addressing the tasks assigned;
  • individual approach to every client;
  • guarantee of a high level of service and safety.


As an experienced airline broker, we care first of all of the client’s comfort. Therefore, our specialists will do everything to ensure that you get maximum pleasure from flying on a business jet. We often use the services of business aviation, so we know all the nuances well and look at the problem solution from the point of view of the passenger, not the airline.


10 main advantages of our company:

  1. official representation in Limassol (Cyprus);
  2. 12 years of experience in the international business jet market;
  3. guarantee of confidentiality and security at all stages of cooperation;
  4. we carry out medical and ambulance flights in the equipped aircrafts and have an extensive experience in transporting the bedridden patients;
  5. we have premium access to the world’s largest return flights database “Empty Legs”;
  6. we arrange seat-by-seat rental of business jets and provide Jet Sharing services;
  7. we provide flexible terms of booking and payment for flights;
  8. our customers have a choice of over 5800 private jets of all types;
  9. full organization of the turnkey flights with the possibility of online paperwork;
  10. we fly all over the world and offer the best conditions for the flights to the CIS countries, Russia and Europe!


Cyprus business aviation


We are always open to communication and ready to answer any of your questions. You can write directly to our management and ask them any questions:


At your request, we are ready to meet you in Limassol or at any place convenient for you to introduce ourselves and discuss our cooperation in a relaxed atmosphere.


our team


Our call center and customer service works 24/7.


Cyprus office contacts


Telephone: +357 998-95-860

Office adress: Cyprus, 4103, Limassol, Krinou 3, The Oval (Κρίνου, Αγ. Αθανάσιος)

Email: limassol@arenda-samoleta.cy

Schedule: Mon-Sun: с 9:00 до 23:00.

Call center and customer support - works around the clock.


The Head Office of the Company is located in a restricted area of the business center “Oval” (for authorized personnel only). To organize a meeting at the office, please agree upon your arrival in advance.


Cyprus private jet charter office

office building in Limassol


Driving directions on the map:


We guarantee favorable conditions for flights to CIS countries and Russia

We have the largest selection of business jets, designed to meet all customer needs. We take responsibility for the organization of trips at the highest level in a short time. If necessary, we will prepare the aircraft for takeoff in a couple of hours. Get in touch! Comfortable business travel organized in our company guarantees success in negotiations.

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